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“Rumor has it,” said Jack Warner, cracking a goofy grin, halfway between amusement and bafflement, “the liquor industry is raising some fuss over your new picture, Janie. Odds are 50/50 Paramount never releases it.”


Ronnie narrowed his eyes like a cowboy facing off with a distant threat, as Janie, visibly distressed, fluttered her hands over the tablecloth. The merriment of other guests filled their collective silence. The restaurant’s host, Michael Romanoff, floated from booth to booth in jacket and tie, hair fastidiously parted, long mustache clinging to his upper lip and shaved everywhere above it.

“Apparently,” Ann Warner said quietly, her green eyes alight with excitement, “they have offered Paramount millions for the negative. They want to pay Barney Balaban not to release the picture. It’s almost like a backwards sort of poetry.”


“Ain’t that rich?” said Jack, juddering his filet mignon with a steak knife and fork. “Imagine running a profit on all the films you don’t release.”


“Well,” Janie said, “if they succeed at keeping The Lost Weekend out of theaters, I hope the liquor industry’ll at the very least consider a pay-off in kind to me as well. I’ll need the consolation booze has to offer.”



EXCERPT Magazine No 1. Issue Launch!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the launch of EXCERPT Magazine No. 1 / Spring 2023 at Black Spring Books in Brooklyn, NY!

We had a great crowd and a fantastic line-up of readers (Matthew Binder, Garth Miro, Ayla Zuraw-Friedland, and more!) at one of our favorite independent bookstores in the city. Thank you for supporting emerging novelists!



Hot off the Press!

EXCERPT Magazine - No 1 / Spring 2023

Now available for purchase on the interwebs and coming soon to an independent bookstore near you!

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EXCERPT is a new lit art magazine featuring emerging fiction writers, filmmakers, musicians, and performers.


Our print issue (Spring 2023) will be focused solely on novel excerpts, seven per issue exclusively from novelists who've yet to publish their first book with a major press.


Our online magazine will feature excerpts from all kinds of different artists including novel and film excerpts, songs from soon-to-be-released albums, previews of theater/comedy shows, and more. 

Moonrise Kingdom / dir. Wes Anderson / 2012

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