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Updated: Sep 11, 2022

For online publication / live events

We welcome music submissions from emerging artists with singles, EPs, and LPs hoping to find a wider audience through the artistic intersectionality of EXCERPT. Send three song links (Spotify or Soundcloud preferred) along with a short bio and any relevant promo information about the songs and the project they are included in (i.e. if they are from a recently released or forthcoming EP, LP, etc.). These music selections will be featured online. If you live in NYC and would like to be considered for a short performance during our live event series, please note this in the submission.

Submission Guidelines

Send an email to
Include the submission genre, your name, and your project in the email header formatted as such - Music Submission: Eliot Smith - Awesome Album
Send up to three song links from Spotify, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud along with a brief bio and description of your project, any upcoming shows, etc.
Include your Twitter handle with your bio and follow us on Twitter @excerptmag so that we can get to know you personally and better promote your work

A caveat about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

We appreciate music that challenges and lampoons the complexities of how our culture deals with racism, sexism, and any other complex issues in the inherent oppression of our capitalist patriarchy of a society. However, if your excerpt is unironically or unapologetically racist, sexist, or homophobic in any way, no, it's a big no. We aren't going to cancel you. But we aren't going to publish you either, and we would probably respond with some book recommendations for your own education.


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