EXCERPT is a new lit art magazine featuring fiction, film, music, theater/comedy excerpts from emerging artists. In the literary world, there are countless literary magazines (online and off) for short stories but very few for that are focused solely on the novel excerpt. In the film world, directors submit their films to festivals where a limited audience sees the masterpieces that they've worked on for several years. In the music world, hundreds of artists put out albums haggling with music bloggers to post a song or two so they can pick up traction.


We aim to elevate emerging artists, promoting their work as excerpts of longer pieces, whether that be a novel in progress, an album soon to be released, an upcoming theater/comedy show, or an indie film looking for a broader audience.

All this is just to say we hope to publish some amazing artists so their work can break through the noise, gather a bigger following, and build community. While we will feature all kinds of excerpts online, our quarterly print magazine is focused solely on novel excerpts. No poetry or non-fiction, please. We love you but this isn't the venue.

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